Potential leaders must be nurtured and developed. MLI is an organization that provides students with an avenue to develop creativity through music education and leadership development. Through this program, we engage students in music and leadership experiences that enhance their innovation, creativity, thinking and collaboration skills. We deliver a comprehensive professional-level instruction in jazz education MLI promotes music development in youth grades 6-12, helps students develop leadership skills through music education and academic preparation, cultivates a mindset that will advance their musicianship and leadership and, supports and enhances students’ career pathway options

In response to the impact, restrictions and safety precautions brought on by the current pandemic, we have modified our program this year to provide support specifically to high school seniors. Our College Pathway Coaching virtual program is designed to help music students develop their college admissions music portfolio through:

  • Audition Preparation
    • 1:1 Coaching and Private lessons
    • 5 Sessions
  • Admissions Counseling and Coaching
    • College Essay Writing
    • Scholarship Search
    • Application Assistance
  • MLI Book scholarship
    • Successful participants will be eligible to receive a scholarship to offset the cost of college books and fees. We are offering these sessions free of charge to seniors.  

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